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TechUtilities is a program that can remove problems related with Windows DLLs
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Ed Walker

Ed Walker I paid $29.99 for a download based on a review that showed it in a very positive way. When I ran it there were close to 1,000 errors. When I clicked on "Fix It" I got connected to a tech who wanted $179.99 more to fix them. Has anyone gotten a refund from them?

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Stephen Mitson

Stephen Mitson The software claimed to be able to clear a problem I was experiencing with accessing a database that had a deregistered dependency. Needless to say it did not work. I immediately asked for a refund. To date I have had no response whatsoever and I wish that I had done more research on the company and their software before purchasing. The appalling reviews clearly tell the true story.

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Heather I ordered this product and it did not do what I was led to believe it would do. very unsatisfied with this product.

Reply   |   4 months ago   |   Was it helpful? yes | no (+1) I have a new computer and ordered a two-year agreement for this program. After only a few days I am so unhappy with this product. It is not functioning and shuts down when it is only half way finished scanning; my computer is a mess. I want a refund for this mess immediately. Thank you.

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John Hall

John Hall The download did not achieve what was promised and then after a 'chat' I was being asked for $249.99 for a solution to the problem. Please keep your promise to return the money I paid for the download.

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Nick Lenzini

Nick Lenzini The fix doesn't work and I want a refund immediately.

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Wilson This seems like a bad deal. It did not fix my problem with Windows Update, and the tech told me that I would need to pay $$$$ for more help. I've sent a couple of email for a refund but have not heard anything from them.

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Larry Garbage garbage garbage.

Now I can't even log on to my computer. Waste of money, and to think they tried to get me to buy a 249.99 package.

Fraud. Big time.

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Armando Arvizu

Armando Arvizu I have a loop. How to fix it?

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Judy Bohnert

Judy Bohnert I purchased this program Sept 6, 2016 and had a computer crash since. Upon reloading the program I have discovered that my money was not well spent since I cannot insert my license to register the program again without spending more money to renew it. This is absolutely ridiculous! Either give me a refund or allow me to install a program that I purchased on the same computer that it was initially installed on regardless of how often it was installed!

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Alan Burridge

Alan Burridge I have installed this program, it does not work, have sent e-mail for a refund. Nothing heard at this time. The program does not do what is stated to do.

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Grant Hinton

Grant Hinton I purchased the program after being told that it would fix my problem. After 5 hours, I have lost everything on my computer.
I cannot contact the company or go online. The report says " the internet is not connected" which I know is not right.
I want my money back.

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Stephen Ingham

Stephen Ingham Please fix my 3219 error problem. I've registered and payed.

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Stephen Ingham

Stephen Ingham Just took $29 off me and left me with nothing fixed. Thanks.

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Doug Low

Doug Low I would like a refund of $55.71 as the product which I installed does not fix the errors that it claimed it would do. Not only that, I suspect it has caused other peculiarities to occur on my PC. I would not recommend your product to anyone unless I get a refund and will be very interested to see if I get any confirmation from you via email.

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